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    ASTM A105 Slip On Flange

    ASTM A105 Slip On Flange


     Hebei Metals supplies Slip On Flange in ASTM A105 material. 

     Slip On Flange has a low hub that allows the pipe to be inserted into the 

     flange prior to welding. It requires two fillet welds and is preferred over Weld 

     Neck Flange because of its low initial cost.












    Full Specification for Slip On Flange:

    1. International Standards:

        (1) American Standard

        ASME/ANSI B 16.5, ASME B 16.1, AWWA C 207

        (2) British Standard

        BS 3293, BS 1560, BS 4504, BS 10

        (3) German Standard

        DIN2526, DIN2513, DIN2512, DIN86029, DIN86030

        (4) Australian & Japanese Standard

        AS2129, JIS B2220 / KS B1503

    2. Material Specification:

        ASTM A 105, ASTM A 181, ASTM A 350, ASTM A 516, ASTM A 694, ASTM A 36

        ASTM A182 F304/F304L, F316/F316L, 309, 310, 317L, 321, 347, 904L

        Aluminum 3003, 6061; HASTALLOY B-2, C-276, G, X, C-22;

        INCONEL 600, 601, 625, 718; INCOLLOY 800, 825, 800H, 800HT

        MONEL 400; COPPER C70600, C71500; DUPLEX F51, F53; TITANIUM Gr2, Gr12

    3. Pressure Ratings:

        75LB, 125LB, 150LB, 300LB, 400LB, 600LB, 900LB, 1500LB, 2500LB; 5K, 10K, 16K, 20K, 30K;

        PN2.5, PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN64, PN80, PN100, PN250, PN320, PN400

    4. Size Range:

        1/2" ~ 72" (DN15 ~ DN1800)


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