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Forged Flange and Forged Fittings Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Industrial Valve seamless steel pipe Grooved Fitting

    Grooved Coupling

    Grooved Coupling

    KRJ Coupling

    Grooved Coupling

    Light Duty Flex. Coupling

    Grooved Coupling

    Light Duty Rigid Coupling

    Grooved Coupling

    Reducing Coupling

    Grooved Coupling

    Flexible Coupling

    Grooved Coupling

    Rigid Coupling

    Grooved Coupling

    Heavy Duty Flex. Coupling

    Grooved Coupling

    High Pressure Coupling


















    1. KRJ Coupling

        Rolling groove becomes much more difficult when the pipe diameter is above 8" (219mm).

        And it becomes very hard to withstand higer pressure when the piping system requires a thickness that is above

        10mm therefore will be unavailable to roll grooves by grooving machine. In the plant site, cutting groove won't be

        adopted. In order to solve this problem, the KRJ coupling as presented is used by welding the shoulder rings on

        the pipe end, then joint two pipes by this Shoulder Coupling.

    2. Rigid Coupling (Light Duty & Moderate Duty & Heavy Duty)

        Rigid Couplings are relatively designed for light/moderate/heavy pressure piping system with good rigidity, and

        are widely used in fire protection, feed water and oil & gas projects.

    3. Flexible Coupling (Light Duty & Moderate Duty & Heavy Duty)

        The flexible couplings are also relatively designed for pipe bearing light/moderate/heavy pressures. It allows

        controlled angle, linear and rotational movement at each joint provides the added advantages of expansion,

        constraction and deflection. This is useful to accommodate uneven laying surfaces, and movement from the 

        thermal changes, settings, seismic effect or other causes.

     4. Reducing Coupling

        Accoding to different situations, the reducing couplings provide a solution to piping connection where the two

        jointed pipe ends differ in outside diameters.

    5. Pressure Ratings and Coating Types

        Pressure Ratings: 300psi / 2.07Mpa, 500psi / 3.45Mpa, 750psi / 5.18Mpa

        Surface Coating: Water based Paint, Epoxy Powder, Dacromat, Galvanized


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