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    How To Replace A Gasket For Flange Connections

    It takes several steps to replace a gasket between two bolted flanges(flange connection).

    • Before the replacement, make sure the pipeline is empty. Any residue remained inside may cause uncontrolled damage to operators.
    • Loosen fasteners(bolts and nuts) in an opposite way/sequence they were tightened.
    • Check again whether the line is empty before completely opening the flange connection.
    • Using manual or hydraulic flange spreader to spread flange faces open.
    • Remove the gasket. If some gasket parts stick to flange faces, try to scrape it away. Be careful not to scratch flange face. Clean both flange faces.
    • Put on a brand new gasket. Align it to both flange faces.
    • Tighten all freshly lubricated bolts in cross-over pattern.
    • Clean the site and retrieve all tools.




    Views: 8435  Author:METALS INDUSTRIAL  Date:2015/01/06