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    Introduction to Ball Valves: Design Features

    Hebei Metals Industrial Limited design and manufacture miscellaneous ball valves with innovative features and excellent performance:

    1) Operation methods: extended lever or gearbox, electrical / pneumatic / hydraulic actuators.
    2) Packing: V-Teflon or Graphite packing
    3) Split body facilitates easy disassembly for maintenance purpose.
    4) Anti blow-out stem design
    5) Anti static design
    6) Fire Safe Design
    7) Full Port and Reduced Ports available.

    1. Split Body Floating Ball Valves

    The split body design consists of a two-part body, a cover,ball, seat rings, stem, and other internals. The two-part body is held together by a flange connection. One body part is smaller than the other. The ball is inserted in the larger body part, and the smaller body part is assembled by a bolted connection. The stuffing box is constructed integral with the larger body part. On smaller size split-body ball valves, the two-part body is joined by threaded connection. With floating ball design, the upstream fluid pressure assists the seal by pushing the ball back against the rear or downstream seat. Therefore, a bubble-tight sealing is formed.

    Click below chart to view the technical drawings, dimensions and weight details for split body floating ball valve, class 150 ~ class 2500 in both full port and reduced port patterns.

    2. Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

    The closure member(ball) of a trunnion mounted ball valve is fixed by two integral short-shaft extensions called top and bottom trunnions. These trunnions are fitted in bearings and rotate freely when the shaft of top trunnion is turned to open or close the valve. The ball is held firmly in place, unlike the ball in floating design where the ball is supported by two seat rings and is allowed to float in the direction of the slot on top of the ball. The trunnion mounted ball is mainly employed in large size and high pressure service. Usually the torque required to actuate a trunnion mounted ball valve is smaller than the torque required for a floating ball valve.

    Click below chart to view the technical drawings, dimensions and weight details for side entry, top entry and fully welded trunnion mounted ball valve in both full port & reduced port patterns, class 150 ~ class 2500.

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